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Available soon!

Attraction to trouble : a Vicky Durocher Private Eye story

Quebec City detective Vicky Durocher sets out to find Sandy Love, an exotic dancer caught in the net of her cold and heartless boss, Jack Chevalier. While bandmates of a music group squat her apartment and a mysterious man helps her out of difficult situations, Vicky does not hesitate to dive headfirst into trouble.



Currently in writing

Murder at the Dream and Nightmare Research Lab

A student is mysteriously killed during her night as an experiment subject, at the Dream and Nightmare research lab.  In the midst of an internal turmoil, detective Emmanuel Guimond is tasked with investigating the case and finds himself romantically drawn to the research coordinator, his guide through the lab. The only witness to the murder, quiet student Simone Colombe, also seek clues to find the culprit while danger tightens its claws around her. 

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